Lending spotlight: sale and leaseback

For a whole host of reasons, we know traditional loans aren’t always an option. So when you’re working with an ambitious organisation with a sound business plan, it’s important to know that alternatives are available.   

A supplier of cellar gas to the pub industry sought to invest in new equipment that would support current operations but also release opportunities in other areas of the organisation. However, with the identified supplier being based overseas a funding challenge was posed.  

Sale. Leaseback. Invest. Grow.

In order to secure the purchase, CAML was able to provide a short-term loan facility, allowing freedom and flexibility to negotiate as a cash buyer, acquire and import the equipment. 

In order to then spread the cost into manageable payments and to support cashflow, CAML went on to offer the customer a Sale and Leaseback facility. Allowing them to sell the imported equipment  to CAML and lease it back over a much longer term, which reflected the asset’s predicted lifecycle and payments were supported by projected cashflows.  

Compressed Gases Provider

Lending spotlight: Sale and Leaseback 

“Initially, we were so relieved CAML were able to provide us with the short-term loan to buy the equipment. It is a critical asset to a business like ours. However, it was the Sale & Leaseback facility that really amazed us. 

“Not only did we now have vital equipment that many of our prospective clients enquire about, able to spread costs over the term to suit our budget, which we could use to invest in other areas of the business. It’s far from an exaggeration to say this has been a major reason for our subsequent growth.”
Founder of organisation

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