Start-up Businesses Finance

Start Up Business Finance Starting a business can be a daunting challenge and having the right financial help is imperative to kick starting your business venture.

Here at CAML we provide finance solutions to start-up businesses in a variety of sectors. We have supported numerous entrepreneurs in realising their dream to start a new venture by supplying them with funds for essential new business assets such as plant, machinery, office fit outs, IT equipment and vehicles. In many cases we have helped businesses where they could not secure finance from the banks due to their stringent lending criteria.

Due to our flexible financing criteria and unique funding solutions, we are normally able to finance the purchase of any assets which are pertinent to the business you are starting. Each start up business is unique and we believe that the decision on financing an asset should be based on the individual situation and not a simple yes or no.

So why work with us?

Aside from our extensive experience, we also offer expert advice and customer service to all of our clients, giving your enquiry the time it deserves. You will be able to rely on us to supply the right asset financing solution for your business.

We have financed a range of assets, from electric vehicles to boats, office furniture to construction equipment, medical tools to agricultural equipment… if an asset is considered vital to your business we will consider financing its acquisition.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can either aid you in starting your new business or help you on the next step of the journey if you have recently started out in business.

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