What will CAML provide finance/funding for?

We have a simple rule – if it is relevant to the business (e.g. a coffee machine for a coffee shop) and the credit terms are mutually acceptable then we will support you. We regularly provide funds for projects that others won’t or can’t.

What size businesses do you work with?

We work with true SMEs i.e. businesses with a turnover typically up to £100 million. We work mainly with established enterprises but we have equally supported a growing number of start-ups and helped some clients through and beyond the £100m turnover mark as their trusted finance partner.

Our business is relatively new, can you still help?

We will certainly try and have developed specific criteria to help. If what you need finance for is pertinent to your business we will absolutely consider it. We take a very personal approach to lending and we know that there is more to it than a simple credit score.

The company has been refused line of credit by the bank, can you still help us?

Maybe. We not only lend our own money but manage a range of different funds and take a much more personalised approach to what we will fund. It may also be the case that we can offer an alternative type of funding to you, rather than a traditional loan.

Are there minimum or maximum values you will lend?

We typically support lending between £5k – £250k, however our unique funding model means that when we evaluate your business we can perhaps achieve values that traditional funders will not.

It is fair to say that the top end of our lending has not been fully tested as we own and manage a range of funds, some able to lend more than others. Ultimately it comes down to your business size, the proposition and the credit terms.

What types of commercial finance products do you offer?

A full break down of our typical finance products can be found here. The most common forms include leasing, loans, hire purchase and rental.

Do you work with brokers and intermediaries?

Simple – Yes we do. You can learn more about those relationships here or contact us if you would like to join our network.

Can we have more than one credit agreement with you at any one time?

In theory yes. Our platform means that we not only lend our own money but manage a range of funds which allows us to offer multiple lines of lending to each client. As with every type of finance however, depends on the security of the agreement and the general strength/health of the business we are funding. Some of our case studies show how we have supported clients with multiple agreements for different projects.

Does finance through CAML cost more than with a bank?

It depends heavily on the proposition, the terms and the type of funding you require. If a bank will lend then they typically achieve a slightly lower rate than CAML but that ‘IF’ is big and their terms are typically more restrictive than ours. We provide a range of finance products, not just loans, and will also support finance applications for a wider range of projects/products than the high street banks do and so it’s not just about the cost of lending. For us its about helping you achieve your goals in a mutually acceptable way.