Electric Vehicle Finance

Electric Vehicle Business FinanceThe cost of running vehicles has become increasingly expensive for business owners. New hybrid technology has meant that electric vehicles can be considerably cheaper, especially when you consider the opportunity to avoid or reduce congestion charges. The initial purchase of a vehicle or fleet of electric vehicles can be expensive, but the long term fuel saving costs can significantly reduce overheads.

We offer a range of tailored financing solutions for businesses looking to purchase hybrid, electric and PHEV vehicles including loans, rental, lease finance and hire purchase. With our vast experience in this sector and our network of contacts with the major car manufacturers, we can ensure that the most affordable financial solution is found for you and your business.

We have helped organisations across a variety of sectors move towards more efficient and environmentally friendly commercial vehicles, reducing their mileage costs, avoiding congestion charges and improving their environmental credentials along the way. So if you would like to consider switching to electric or hybrid vehicles and would like advice on the best options and the most suitable means of finance, we can help.

We treat every enquiry individually giving it the full care and attention it deserves. We can guarantee the highest level of customer service and satisfaction when dealing with your enquiry.

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