Rental agreements are one of the most flexible ways to provide your business with access to equipment which is integral for your day-to-day activities, but don’t necessarily need to own. Renting means you only pay for the item for the period in which you will need it and rental periods can vary from a relatively short term, to long term ‘hires’ whereby you have access for months or even years at a time but never actually own the item in question.

Rental is a popular form of finance across all sectors because it enables businesses to access equipment quickly and for as long as they require it. Because the planned period of usage may vary, we offer two rental options:

  • Minimum term – if you need an item of equipment for an unknown period you can arrange to have the assets for an agreed initial ’minimum’ term. At the end of that agreed term you can continue to rent the item on an ongoing basis for as long as you need it or simply return it to us.
  • Fixed term – if you have an obligated initial term and may not need the asset after that we can arrange a predetermined end date for the rental, in this way the total price of the rental can be written as a project cost and there is no ongoing obligation once the project or contract is finished. Whilst we would expect the asset to be returned on the agreed date, if there is some slippage in the project we will probably be able to extend the contract to accommodate.

Rental is a financial agreement where you are still able to choose the equipment you need without a large initial outlay, normally just 1 rental. You are able select the manufacturer / supplier you prefer and you agree with them the exact specification of the goods that you need and if required service, support and maintenance packages can be collected with the Rental.

Here at CAML we have access to a range of assets that can be supplied on a rental basis and we have also worked hard to develop strong relationships with a number of leading car marques, enabling us to offer attractive short, mid and long term rental options on a range of commercial vehicles and company cars, for more details please contact us or visit our partners page.