Credit Asset Management

Credit Asset Management Limited (CAML) was established in 2011 at the height of the economic downturn. Our founders foresaw that the ‘Credit Crunch’ and subsequent recession would change the face of UK business finance and lending forever and that the outlook, particularly for UK SMEs, was bleak – unless a challenger, focussed specifically on providing finance to SMEs and new start-ups, entered the market.

With over a century of combined experience in major financial institutions, our Directors were ideally placed to create an alternative source of support for the thousands of SMEs struggling to obtain financial support from the traditional banks and finance houses. They identified those investors and institutions that were still willing to lend and set about pulling together a range of funds from public and private sources, to supplement their own capital and created a unique lending platform. This platform not only allows us to offer our own money, but to also manage funds under our discretion, which means we are able to offer greater lines of credit per client with a more flexible and personalised set of lending criteria.

Since CAML was incorporated we have supported thousands of applications, exceeding £200 million, with an average agreement value of £30,000. We actively support all types of UK SMEs, from recently incorporated through to more established businesses, many of whom may struggle to meet more stringent bank lending criteria. We appreciate you are unique and we recognise that no two enquiries, businesses or lending requirements are the same – after all, we know that there is more to funding a business than just a credit score!

Through our specialist division of Professions Funding, we have developed financial solutions specific to the sector and have helped the core legal, accounting and medical professions with cash flow funding through to practice acquisition or simply helped them when their existing providers couldn’t.

We have developed a deep understanding of the UK SME and Professions markets and our client base is truly diverse, as is the range of items we have financed (from energy saving lightbulbs to 16-wheel construction plant) and so whatever your requirements, if it is relevant to your business, we will listen.