Credit Asset Management

The global financial crash of 2008 had repercussions that filtered into the lives of people from every background and demographic. Amongst those hit hardest were SMEs who, almost overnight, found their lines of credit choked.

The business environment for newcomers and those on a growth trajectory had become extremely hostile.

Credit Asset Management Limited (CAML) was established in 2011 as the wrath of the economic downturn continued to bear down on those companies who could least deal with it. Knowing that the ‘Credit Crunch’ was to change the face of UK business finance and lending for years to come, and knowing that the outlook for UK SMEs was bleak, it became clear to our founders that a lifeline was needed. They began building a challenger brand, a company focussed specifically on providing finance to SMEs and businesses on a growth journey, CAML was born.

Experience and intuition

With over a century of combined experience in major financial institutions, we were ideally placed to create an alternative source of support for the thousands of SMEs struggling to obtain financial support from the traditional banks and finance houses.

We identified those investors and institutions that were still willing to lend and set about pulling together a range of funds from public and private sources, to supplement their own capital. The move created a unique lending platform, which enabled CAML to deploy funds into the SME space when many established banks and financial institutions were not supporting clients From those early days CAML has established itself as a principal lender, deploying only its own funds, making its own credit decisions, helping 1000’s more clients in the process.

Over the last seven years CAML has helped many established companies and entrepreuners rise from the credit crunch with viable long term businesses supporting them with solutions to acquire assets pertinent to their business or loans to help them expand.

We have developed a deep understanding of the UK SME and Professions markets and our client base is truly diverse, as is the range of items we have financed (from energy saving lightbulbs to 16-wheel construction plant) and so whatever your requirements, if it is relevant to your business, we will listen.