Industries and Sectors

Here at CAML we are SME and Professions lending specialists. We have built a team that understands the nuances and financing requirements of SMEs and those in the Professions market. As a result, we know that there are certain times of the year, projects, cases and assets which will require additional support from a financial perspective. Rather than taking a broad brush approach, like many of our competitors do, at CAML we take an individual view of your circumstances, so if you believe an asset is relevant for your business we are here to support you.

We act as principal lenders to businesses in a variety of industries, however, we focus our skills in certain sectors, in particular:

However, our client base is extremely diverse and, within reason, we can make funds available to companies operating in any industry and sector. As we lend our own funds and manage funds on behalf of others, we will happily consider any enquiry from a business as long as the item in question is pertinent to the industry and the organisation can meet our flexible lending criteria.

We are proven in offering finance to organisations to enable growth, meet the demands of major contracts and manage cash flow around significant business purchases.

Contact us today and tell our experienced team what you are seeking finance for and we will find the best financial solution to suit your individual needs.