Technology Start-up Funding

Tech Start Up FinanceAs a technology start-up it is imperative that you have access to the specialist equipment required to kick start your business and ensure you are on the cutting edge of industry. This professional equipment however is often very expensive, and finding the way to finance its acquisition can be very difficult as banks can be reluctant to supply tech start-ups with the finance to start trading.

Here at CAML we are experienced in delivering tech start-ups with the necessary finance solutions and seed funding to help start their business. We have not only provided clients finance solutions to purchase the specialist IT equipment needed such as servers, switches, routers or, software, but also the other equipment needed for the business, such as the workstations or office furniture.

We can guarantee to deliver you the highest level of customer satisfaction and service in the financing of assets for your tech start-up. We offer a very unique and flexible lending criteria and ensure we give every enquiry the time and dedication it deserves in order to truly understand the requirements needed. This way we are able to find the right finance solution for your circumstances.

So, if you are struggling to finance your technology start-up or have been refused line of credit by a bank, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly consider financing the acquisition of any asset that would be pertinent to your business.

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