Business Finance Requirements

Financing in all of its forms has become an acceptable means of enabling businesses to grow, obtain assets and give themselves access to equipment, plant and machinery that they would otherwise struggle to afford on a cash basis or as a capital expense.

With every passing year the range of finance applications that come in front of us becomes ever more varied from traditional requests, to finance major pieces of equipment and plant, to less tangible but equally beneficial items such as children’s play gyms, mobile telephone masts, satellite broadcasting equipment and licences for business critical IT systems.

One of the reasons our portfolio of lending is so varied is because we offer our own money and have access to a range of funds that we manage on behalf of other institutions. As a result, we can take a far more personal and human view on each application and truly understand the value in the proposition.

Please use the links below to read more about our approach to finance various assets and to see just how diverse our business is:

Business Assets – If it is pertinent and adds value to your business we will consider it!

Technology & IT Finance – Hardware and infrastructure to support data centres; established businesses with dedicated IT suites or tech start-ups

Business Software Finance – Finance for IT and software licences, be it cloud, subscription or purchase to enable companies to grow and develop.

Commercial Vehicles – From 2 wheels to 20 wheels we understand that a mobile workforce needs reliable transport

Construction Equipment – From hi-tech precision to high up cranes, a range of equipment to help you build a stronger a business

Electric Vehicles – Helping clients reduce their emissions and saving money for those accessing congestion charging zones on a daily basis

Renewable Energy – Finance for high energy using businesses and those seeking an alternative source of energy where there is a clear return on investment

Office Fit-Out and Equipment – A comfortable, health and safe working environment for your staff and pleasant destination for your clients can come at a cost

Plant & Machinery – Providing the tools to help you make, deliver and sell your products