Business Loans

Straight forward finance from straight forward lenders.

A business loan is one of the most straightforward forms of business finance. In a business loan agreement, we provide you with an agreed sum of money which is then paid back over a set timeframe. The rate and the term are fixed from the start and a repayment profile is agreed with you to fit with your plans, or may even be linked to the ‘lifetime’ of the project or asset you are purchasing/financing.

The money is lent directly to the business and rather than being secured by an asset, there is simply just the obligation of the business to repay the loan. Therefore, a loan arrangement can be a more flexible form of funding and means that the title to the asset rests with the business from the start.

Because we not only lend our own money but also have a range of funds at our disposal, our lending criteria are different to the normal lenders of choice, such as the high street banks or even the new challenger banks. So if you have already been refused a line of credit or been turned down by your bank, there is still a chance that we can help you. Our credit experts will base their decision on a far broader range of criteria than a simple computer generated credit score and we can also consider using multiple lines of credit from our funds, to provide you with the level of funding you require.

So if you are looking for a business loan and you believe you can demonstrate a dependable lending option, talk to a member of our team today and we will take time to understand your situation and the general health of your business before making a decision.