One-on-one: The importance of a single point of contact

The pace of technological innovation and advancement is influencing almost all aspects of how we live our lives. At a personal level, it is changing basic pursuits such as how we listen to music and watch our favourite TV shows and at a professional level, everything from how we communicate with colleagues to the management of corporate finances. 

However, despite our ever deeper assimilation with technology, when it comes to managing key relationships, it is human connection that most people still value above all else. In few contexts is this truer, than with matters of finance. 

In this piece, we look at the reasons why customers value a single point of contact (SPOC) with finance providers, and how such relationships are mutually advantageous over the alternatives.

Trust and Dependability

We’ll start with what is the most powerful argument for a SPOC before we get into the more practical benefits; trust and dependability. 

The foundation of any successful relationship is trust, and the greater the trust, the more rewarding the relationship. Trust though, takes time to embed. It requires multiple liaisons where contributing parties have endeavoured to be honest, transparent and good-natured. It is simply not possible to achieve when a customer speaks to a different person each time they contact a company.

Once a healthy rapport is cultivated between two parties, the desire to do the right thing by each other takes on an extra dimension. Levels of disclosure, goodwill and patience are afforded in ways that wouldn’t when the relationship is new and purely transactional. But it’s not just that the relationship becomes ones that it more fruitful, it’s also one that both parties develop a keenness to maintain. 

In short, a SPOC creates a relationship that is more productive and longer-lasting.


Businesses are time-consuming beasts. Each day brings different demands and meeting them all requires as few distractions and delays as possible. The lack of a SPOC means a call to a finance provider can involve running a lengthy gauntlet of hold music, number options, chatbots, transfers and message boxes, with no guarantee you’ll actually get to speak to someone familiar with your case.

The digital revolution has also meant that many finance providers now operate exclusively in the Cloud. That’s all well and good, but what happens when there’s an issue that needs to be sorted now and back and forth emails just won’t cut it? 

In both of these circumstances, the only viable alternative is a SPOC. A number you can ring, where a familiar voice answers belonging to a person who immediately accesses your account and begins resolving the issue. It’s a function that no technology can outdo.


Ultimately, this is what anything in business boils down to. If people are doing something or want to do something a certain way, it’s usually because there’s some kind of financial incentive there. 

With a SPOC, that cost is most clearly recouped in the time saved getting hold of a trusted individual who knows your case. An hour listening to hold music and repeating yourself to chatbots, is an hour not spent on revenue generating activity.

However, the financial argument for a SPOC doesn’t just hinge purely on time-saving. Conversations with a trusted contact can lead to all kinds of outcomes that an email exchange or conversation with a random individual never could. Through engaging dialogue with a known SPOC, opportunities and risks are explored which often lead to advantageous diversifications of an account.

Final thought

Technology is improving the way we do business. It’s making processes faster, created new channels of communication, and has opened up entirely new ways of exercising commerce. Behind the binary code, motherboards and servers though, there is often a person who just wants to speak to another person. The provision of a SPOC, therefore, is a powerful one. It is a provision that engenders trust in a brand, saves precious time and presents compelling financial possibilities. 

A chip off the old block: funding in the spotlight

A leading UK family-owned wood processing and recycling company in the North of England approached CAML for support in meeting their ambitious plans for expansion. The business had built an enviable reputation within their sector, supplying wood chip products to national retailers over a period spanning more than 40 years. 

Their services had focused on providing recycled wood materials for the panel board industry and for use in animal bedding. However, they recently spotted an opportunity to supply a major, multi-national energy supplier with a specialist wood product for use in their biomass plant. In order to process waste wood and convert it into the specific type of woodchip the biomass plant used, the wood recycling company needed to acquire an industrial Wood Chip Boiler.

CAML chip in

In order to obtain the Wood Chip Boiler, the wood recycling company needed a financial injection of several hundred thousand pounds. Taking the view that this  type of  transaction should be deemed a ‘hard asset’ lend and thus providing good collateral value, CAML were able to take comfort in this crucial factor when making their decision to approve the lease. 

After a short consultation period, the lease was arranged with a bespoke repayment plan agreed over a 36-month period to include the ancillary equipment being purchased. In addition the supplier was paid using CAML’s Payment Before Delivery solution. The wood recycling company were very much involved in the consultation, and the deposit and monthly repayments were designed to ensure business operations could continue to run smoothly during the duration of the lease. 

A new, CAML-powered business dimension

With the acquisition and installation of the Wood Chip Boiler complete, the wood recycling company emerged as a freshly diverse entity. Still supplying their existing customers with high-quality recycled wood products, they now provide one of the world’s leading energy companies with the unique wood-based fuel required to power their biomass plant. 

Their story is one which encapsulates what CAML is all about. Speaking to companies as equals, exploring how we can support them in their growth journey, and providing capital attached to bespoke repayment plans to help them realise goals and ambitions. 

If you have projects that require structuring expertise and input from a credit team with an appetite to help, please call 0203 795 2680 to speak to one of our specialists today.